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Welcome to Choice Baptist Church

Fredricksburg, VA

We are excited about the interest you are taking in our ministry. We are a friendly church that focuses on the practical application of God’s truth. We are located in Fredricksburg, Virginia and we believe God has strategically positioned us in this area to minister to the community.

We want to encourage people to grow in a relationship with God, with one another and serve the community. The best way to experience Choice is to come and worship with us during our Sunday morning worship service.

Pastor Tim Wilcox
2016 Theme

This is a Bible study series that begins on Wednesday nights for students 6th - 12th grades. Our desire is to challenge our students to grow closer to God and each other as they fulfill God's perfect plan for there lives. Read More...

Current Sermon Series:


One of the most vital aspects of the Christian life is to keep our eyes on Jesus, and not allow others actions and attitudes to discourage us. People are flawed and we all fail each other. But we also understand that every one of us is called to be a positive influence in the world. God wants us to be a good example. And as we model a godly life we can encourage others to do what we do. Join us for this series as we are challenged to be more like Jesus so we can motivate others to follow us!

Stand Up for America

 Stand Up for America
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Today as never before the very foundation of the liberties we enjoy are under relentless attack. I Tim. 2:1-4

Upcoming Events

Special service you don't want to miss!
Come join us and see the amazing Bible studies we have to offer for all ages and all walks of life.
A time for great fellowship and food.
A time for great fellowship and food.

Helping people find a home...

Our number one desire is to minister to you individually and help you find direction for your life. Acts 2:42
Our prayer is that you will find meaningful relationships that will impact your life for all eternity. Proverbs 27:17
Lastly our church's desire is that you get involved and find purpose and meaning through servings others. Ephesians 4:16